The weather is always beautiful above the clouds

Airplane pilots are always so tan. Of course they are: they spend a good amount of their day quite close to the sun. It might be a bit obvious, but one must remember that whenever we fly through the clouds, the sun is always shining above. At 10,000 meters of altitude, it is no longer important to check the weather: it is always beautiful. It is very difficult to imagine when we are in grey or rainy weather, but indeed, there is a special place where the clouds form a bed on which we can lie down and better enjoy the sun. One must simply go beyond the clouds…

Accessing the self-as-context is a bit like flying above the clouds. We fly higher in order to embrace our psychological horizon in its entirety. We may see the clouds, but the are under our feet. We feel the sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and all the festivities threaded within these states, yet, like giants we stand with our feet in the mud and our heads at the very top, soaking in the warmth of the sun.

Therefore, we can move calmly forward towards our destination. And get a tan.

Translated with the help of Chelsea Davis-Laurin

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